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Forum Structure

The Forum will take a broad structure that will include:

  • Appy Hour- The Appy Hour will be part of a tech salon of software and hardware presentations during a Networking event at the Forum. Presenters will demonstrate how their application or hardware works.           
  • Interactive Workshop - Interactive workshops will be 60 minutes and must be planned to engage participants in hands-on learning.  The Interactive workshops will aim to highlight an important digital health topic combined with an activity to further participant understanding of the topic.

  •  Lab Session- Lab Sessions will be 2-3 hour sessions that will provide participants with tutorials and significant hands-on experience using digital health platforms.  

  •  Individual Presentation - Individual Presentations will be 15-20 minute presentations accompanied by Q&A with session participants. Individual presentations will be grouped with other related submissions by thematic, geographic or technical area. 

  •  Poster Presentation - Poster presentations will be featured in their own session this year and will remain on display for the duration of the forum. All Poster presenters will have an opportunity to present their work and interact with participants for Q&A. 

  •  Pre-formed Panel - Pre-formed panels will be moderated sessions with 3 presentations on the same topic, taking no longer than 60 minutes, including time for Q&A.  Presenters will give a PowerPoint presentation followed by guided Q&A.  

  •  TED-style talk - A TED-talk format will give presenters a chance to deliver an 5-7 minute presentation to the plenary, without slides or notes, in a storytelling format.  

Please note: abstract submission for GDHF 2020 closed in July 2020. We are excited about all of the wonderful content we received!

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About The Global Digital Health Network

The Global Digital Health Network envisions a world where technical innovation supports improved health and contributes to better quality, accessibility and sustainability of health services and health outcomes, particularly for underserved populations in low resource environments. Formerly known as the mHealth Working Group, the Network was established in 2009 by global health organizations for global health organizations, and is a 3800 person-strong networking forum with members from 116 countries to share information, engage with the broader community, and provide leadership in digital health for global public health. Our events and communications are a venue to share practical and flexible guidance with each other and the community. We also seek to engage with and learn from digital implementers in non-health sectors, so that we may strengthen our respective digital technologies.

You can follow the Global Digital Health Network on Twitter @The_GDHN,  and on LinkedIn or learn more on our website.