Frequently Asked Questions: Speaker/Moderator

Speaker/Moderator FAQs

How can I register for the Forum?

Please visit our forum website: and click Register. You will need to create an account on the Conference Registration platform and then choose your ticket type to register. You will receive email confirmation of your registration. Please note: your speaker account and registration accounts are not linked. Therefore, your registration status will not show up in your speaker account. This is due to having a separate system for the virtual conference this year. 

How do I update my speaker bio? 

Please see detailed instructions here Guide for Speakers GDHF.pdf.

Can Moderators use the speaker discount?

Yes, the speaker discount code is shown in the abstract acceptance email. 

Apart from preparing the abstract for the conference, what else is required of Speakers and Moderators?

Speakers and Moderators will need to the following:

  • Create a speaker account on the forum website: If you already created an account as you were submitting your abstract, simply log in using the same log in details here:
    • Update your speaker profile as the information here is what will be reflected on the programme.
  • Register for the Forum by clicking Register on the forum website. Here you will create a registration account which will be different from your speaker account.
    • Choose your ticket type and proceed to register and pay if applicable. The fee for Students, and Speakers and Moderators from LMICs has been waived. Speakers and Moderators from non-LMIC countries should take advantage of the speaker discount code provided in the abstract acceptance email.  
  • Attend a speaker briefing to learn about delivering your presentation in the virtual format (for pre-formed panels, individual presentations, workshops, and lab sessions)

As a speaker, why is my registration account different from my Speaker account?

The speaker account allows you to view your abstract status and update your contact details and other information that will be in the programme and will be viewed by other conference attendees. Your registration account has the log-in details that you will use to access the virtual platform on the days of the conference. All conference attendees are therefore required to have this last account. 

Why can't I see my registration status when I log into my Speaker account?

This is because your Speaker account and your registration account are in two different systems and are not linked. Since the conference is virtual this year, the Network sought the support of a virtual platform to host the conference. Your registration account is located on this platform and therefore on the days of the conference, you will log into this account to join the proceedings. Your Speaker account is for purposes of tracking your abstract progress only. 

How can I change the presenter for my abstract?

  • If your new presenter is already listed as a co-author on your abstract, please let your track lead know and he/she will update their role to Speaker or Moderator. You will be able to view this update when you log into your speaker/abstract account.
  • If your new presenter is not listed as a co-author on your abstract, please share their details with your track lead (name, email address). Your track lead will input these details and update your abstract details with this new presenter. The speaker will then receive a welcome email to create an account to update their profile. You will be able to view this update when you log into your abstract submission account.  

How can I update the moderator for my session?

Please share information about your moderator with your track lead (name, email address) and this will be done for you. The moderator will then receive a welcome email to create an account to update their profile.

Can I have more than one presenter for my individual presentation?

You will be placed in a panel with 2 other presentations and each individual presentation will only have 10-15 minutes to present in order to leave time for Q&A so unfortunately, we can only have one presenter. 

How can my organisation participate in the Forum even though abstract submission closed?

There are still exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities available for those who are still looking to participate. To see the different options available, please download the prospectus on our website here:

What is the time structure for the forum?

The conference will run for 3 days (December 7-9) with 8+ hours of content per day that includes sessions like plenaries, breakouts, and networking opportunities each day. We are doing our best to put into consideration all time zones as we schedule content. Generally programming will run from 11:00 to 22:00 GMT. 

When is the deadline for registration for the Forum?

Registration will be open until the 7th of December. However, you are encouraged to register early to take advantage of discounts available to you if you are from a non-LMIC country and to be able to access the platform ahead of the event to see where your session will be and explore the virtual conference space.

Who can I contact in case of queries?

Please email

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